Remod Watchband Tutorials


How to safely attach and remove Remod Watchband.

 - How safety Magnetic Twist lock work

 - Tips for fasten and remove Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic clasp is a new way of fasten your watchband. You may need some time to get use to it. Remember, always support your watch while removing magnetic clasp. The above is a short demo of the proper process, also another clip to show how the safety magnetic lock work.

 - How to adjust the size of watchband

You may need to lengthen or shorten Remod Watchband to perfectly fit your wrist. The above video is to safely make adjustment with removal tool.

 - How to flip between band surface

Offering wider combination possibilities. Metal + Silicone, Metal + Metal, Silicone + Silicone etc...

 - How to Change the size of Magnetic Twist Lug 

All Remod Watchband comes with a standard 22mm Magnetic Twist. However, some watches has different lug sizes of 18,20, 24. The above video shows demo of switching from a 22mm to a 20mm add on magnetic twist.

 - Proper way to use Reversible Mechanism

Improper way or extreme force of pulling the watchband might break the links. The video above show how simple it could be to easily switch between metal & silicone sides.


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