Pre-order & Refund Policy for Remod Watchband ONLY

Remod Watchband is now a Pre-order product and is at a very limited volume only. The product is final and production will start a week after pre-order is launched. This window allow us to make crucial changes(if required) of Remod Watchband after receiving customers/users feedback. The manufacturing process should complete by end of February. However, many issue occurs as many parts requires high precision finishing with restricted dimensions and some does not meet our requirements. Therefore the reproduction has delayed the entire progress. Now everything is settled with one final key parts await. Assembly and shipment shall proceed once we receive the magnet on 30th March.

We will minimise all possibilities of spamming your emails. Therefore all updates will be posted on our web blog on . There is also a quick link from out our website serving for your convenience. 

The system will accept your payment immediately once the order is made.Cancellation and refund will not be entertain once the order is shipped. Please be reminded again that all product and shipping do not include tax & duties. We encourage customers to check with customs of receiving country for more information.

All other none "Remod Watchband" product that is order in a single invoice will be shipped along with Remod Watchband. Should you would like any of the other products to be ship before Remod Watchband is ready, kindly arrange another purchase to avoid delays.

Shipping duration, options and charges can be refer from here.

Thank you so much for your support.

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